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Reused/Loose Crayon RED Alert!

With all of the news in the media today about “dangerous” germs and bugs affecting so many people, placing loose crayons on the table for your junior guest is a potential disaster ready to happen. Crayons placed in the mouth, falling on the floor, greasy hands, crayons rolling on a dirty table, etc…and then saved for another guest is a cross contamination disaster waiting to happen. Packaged crayons are the answer that keeps your guests, and YOU, safe.

Unique Manufacturing offers several choices to give your junior guests a premium to take home while avoiding the health risks mentioned above…


We can also do custom printed crayons for as little as 7.5 cents per box….click here for more information.

  • Crayons (Triangle and Round options)Crayons (Triangle and Round options)
    From: $22.25

    Crayons (Triangle and Round options)

    From: $22.25