About Us

About Unique Manufacturing Co.

Our Heritage

Founded in 1987 in Visalia, California, Unique Manufacturing Co. was established by Irwin “Smitty” Smith, a seasoned entrepreneur in the food service industry with a flair for marketing. Smitty’s vision was to innovate in the realm of tabletop disposable products for the hospitality industry. His unique approach led to a diverse and colorful range of products that stood out in the market.

A New Chapter

In 2000, Smitty passed the baton to Mike Jakubowski, a professional with a rich background in both the restaurant industry and custom print sales. Under Mike’s leadership, Unique Manufacturing furthered its impact in the hospitality sector, blending his insights from restaurant operations and sales. Mike’s tenure saw the company grow until his retirement in 2019, when he sold the company to Richard and Steven Morrison.

Today’s Leadership

Now based in Plain City, Ohio, Unique Manufacturing is led by the Morrison twins. Rick, with three decades of experience in manufacturing paper napkin bands and founder of Cohesion Paper Products, brings a wealth of knowledge and family-driven ethos to the business. Steven, with a background in accounting and finance, complements the leadership with his expertise. Together, they emphasize excellent customer service, quality products, and efficient delivery.

Our Specializations

At Unique Manufacturing, our expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of custom restaurant products. While we pride ourselves on our specialized napkin bands, which are essential for maintaining hygiene and enhancing dining experiences, our specialization is broader and more diverse. We excel in creating custom items tailored to the unique branding needs of each restaurant, cafe, or diner. Our product range includes various custom printed items like coasters, crayons, flags, and more, all designed to strengthen your brand’s presence and leave a lasting impression on your customers. This blend of practicality and creativity in our custom products sets us apart in the restaurant supply industry, making us a one-stop shop for all your custom restaurant supply needs.

Our Promise

From our strategic location in Ohio, we provide rapid and reliable service nationwide. We take pride in our ability to offer an exciting and diverse range of disposable products that enhance customer experiences and set hospitality businesses apart. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and a unique selection of products, Unique Manufacturing Co. is your ideal partner for disposable restaurant supplies.