About Us

Industry-recognized Unique Manufacturing, based in Plain City, Ohio, offers the quality and convenience that the hospitality has come to expect for restaurant supplies. Their cutting-edge response process allows them to keep prices competitive and their product values high. The firm also works at a high scale of production to keep supplies flowing without delay.

They specialize in an array of sturdy, sensible paper napkin bands for restaurants, cafes, and diners of all sizes and types. Unique Manufacturing has forged a niche in the restaurant supply industry by focusing on some of the finer details that enable customer service to exceed expectations. They offer disposable napkin rings that are easy to assemble and sturdy for the task. These paper napkin bands are produced with high quality in mind. Napkin rings are a small but important part of the customer’s experience. Paper napkin rings, for example, reinforce the message that the most hygienic and safe steps have been taken with the utensils they will use with meals. By securing utensils with napkin, Unique Manufacturing’s napkin ring options reassure dining customers that cleanliness is a top priority. Paper napkin bands are also easily assembled by staff when time is of the essence. Servers like them because they eliminate the time consumed when placing unbound utensils on tables. They require no clean-up for re-use like standard napkin rings.

From their strategic location in Plain City, Ohio, Unique Manufacturing is able to provide quick and efficient service for napkins rings to restauranteurs in markets across the country. Their disposable napkin rings are offered in a array of colors options to fit your restaurant’s needs, and their bulk pricing allows you to leverage the best price for the quantities you need. Plus, delivery is quick and satisfaction is guaranteed with every purchase. In the fast-paced world of hospitality service, those are important qualities.

Unique Manufacturing can provide the paper napkins rings that send the right message to customers at the right price for clients.