Beverage Stirs and Glass Clips

  • Plastic Beverage Stirs
    From: $6.00

    Plastic Beverage Stirs

    From: $6.00
  • Plastic Glass ClipsPlastic Glass Clips
    From: $25.00

    Plastic Glass Clips

    From: $25.00

If you want to wow your customers and keep them coming back, a plastic clip for the glass of their favorite drink or a plastic beverage stir for their libation of choice is sure to do the trick. The clips and stirs give your offerings a splash of personality, topped with a sense of fun. 

We carry seven fun styles for our plastic glass clips for beverages. Dress up your drinks with octopuses, mermaids and monkeys and an assortment of animals that includes camels, donkeys, monkeys, bulls, elephants, mermaids and giraffes. These classic beverage add ons are hard to find, but we have a great variety in stock and are ready to ship.  The monkeys hang by their tiny plastic tails and come in four colors – green, blue, orange and red. The mermaids grip the glass with their arms as their fin dangles down and come in four colors – red, blue, green and orange. The octopuses drap their tentacles over the glass and come in four colors – red, blue, green and orange. Our charming line of animal clips come in four colors – red, green, aquamarine and orange. If you want to serve up something fun and memorable, these plastic clips for  beverages will bring a smile to all your patrons.Our plastic glass clips for beverages come in two convenient case packs – a master case of 10,000 with 20 inner bags of 500 or a box of 1,000. 

Our plastic drink stirs have all the character and charm that will keep your guests happy and give them the memorable beverage experience they deserve. Do you have a group coming in who just got off the back nine? We can help. Have your customers been out on the boat and enjoying a day on the water? We’ve got you. Just want to add a dash of color and style to your drink offerings? We’ve got you covered. Not only that, we can customize many of our drink stirs to highlight your establishment. Specialty looks include a palm tree, golf club, bamboo stick, swordfish, tropical fish, seahorse and flamingo. We also have bulb stirs, prisms and nude sticks. Each drink stir for beverages comes in a master case of 4,000, a box of 1,000 or a bag of 100. 

Our plastic glass clips and drink stirs for beverages add a sense of fun and whimsy to any beverage ordering or  dining experience. We can customize many of our products for a special event, occasion or to match the theme of your establishment.  Our plastic glass clips and drink stirs for beverages are part of our top-of-the-line plastics selection.

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